Salida Council for the Arts presents...

"Breck Film Fest - Film On the Road in Salida!"

Tickets are available at the
Salida SteamPlant Event Center and the Salida Chamber of Commerce


Partnership brings best of the Breckenridge Film Festival to Salida

We are proud to present to you a one-day festival of over 45 films viewed at the 2017 Breck Film Festival.

"Breck Film Fest - Film On the Road in Salida!" is being held at the Salida SteamPlant Event Center on Saturday, December 2. A kick-off event the night before , "Celebrate Cinema with Filmmakers," will feature films, trailers and a panel of celebrated local filmmakers in a party atmosphere.


Movie-goers may select from these ticket offerings:

  • $50 All-Festival Pass - includes Friday night "Celebrate Cinema with Filmmakers" event plus an All-Day pass for Saturday's film blocks.

Priced Separately

  • $25 Friday Night Event (only) - "Celebrate Cinema with Filmmakers"
  • $30 All-Day pass for Saturday (Students - 18 & under are FREE)
  • $10 Single block of films on Saturday (Students - 18 & under are FREE)

Ranging in length from 1 1/2 to 101 minutes, films to be enjoyed include comedies, dramas, documentaries, animations and foreign films; several of which won awards at the September 2017 Breckenridge Film Festival.  On Saturday, December 2, eleven blocks of films will be offered in the SteamPlant Theater and Ballroom.  Beginning at 9:00am, the festival will conclude at about 10:00pm.

In keeping with our Mission Statement to encourage arts education in our community, the Salida Council for the Arts is giving FREE admission to students (18yr. and under) to the Saturday Film Festival. Families will want to come the morning block of fun films for children; and teens will enjoy films in two different blocks.  During one group of films Saturday, teens may find inspiration seeing the work of their peers. The films shown earned film students of Thompson School District the distinction of International High School Film Finalists, and is sponsored by The Colorado Office of Film, Television and Media.

Volunteers for the weekend are still welcome to help with the event. Contact any committee member or email the Council at: This event is a fundraiser supporting the ongoing programs of the Salida Council for the Arts and co-sponsored by the Salida SteamPlant Event Center.

    See you at the Movies!

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