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Flood The Streets With Art!

People everywhere are participating in what’s called “FLOOD the STREETS with ART” (Part III) on the day after Thanksgiving, often called Black Friday, or in downtown Salida, Fabulous Friday. 2015 is the third year for this random act of art, organized by Wisconsin artist Scott Wong. The idea was presented at the Nov. 12th Creative Mixer, sponsored by the Salida Council for the Arts and held at the SteamPlant.

Artists are asked to create a work of art, cover it in a protective rain/snow-proof wrapping, label it, and place it somewhere in Salida where someone else could find it. The person who finds it has received a free gift from a generous artist who feels good about providing a random act of art!

The label often includes the following information:  Congratulations! You’ve Found a Piece of Art! It’s Free! No joke! I’m participating in a global event called “FLOOD the STREETS with ART.” Check it out on Facebook. I hope you like the art! Keep it for yourself or give it as a gift this holiday season.

The labels might be signed by the artist or not. Or they might include their e-mail address, so the finders can let the artists know that their art has been located.

Artists are encouraged to take part in this event. You can make your own tags, or pick up tags, created by local artist Sue Ann Hum, at The Book Haven, 135 F Street, or The SteamPlant.  

For more information, please contact Lisa at or call the SteamPlant Event Center at 719-530-0933.

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