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Salida Artists Second Saturday Gallery Tour

Each month, members of Salida Artists open their doors to seasoned collectors, art lovers, and artists via the Second Saturday Gallery Tour. This easy stroll between galleries and other creative spaces gives the public the ability to participate in this vibrant creative community. A featured gallery is chosen every month.

The majority of galleries are open from 4 to 9 p.m. Contact each participating location for times.

This month's featured gallery/artist is Lynn Van De Water, of Gallery Van De Water.

Lynn's love of lush textile patterns, 18th-century still life, and 19th-century landscapes are evident throughout her work. She begins with paper - designs are block-printed, drawn, or painted onto the surface, then, once dry, adhered to canvas. In some paintings, intricate patterns taken from vintage Indian fabrics may be superimposed with exquisitely detailed floral, insect, or avian forms, or enhanced with elements inspired by Japanese kimono. Even her landscapes show such inspiration— aspen trees spring up from a ground of golden filigree;  Asian motifs fill the skies over abstracted blossoms. Her formally-trained sensibility, combined with a fresh and decidedly modern palette (cobalt and hot pink, copper and turquoise), results in work that glows with depth and elegance. She studied at The Colorado College and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, with continued studies at the University of Denver and the Anderson Ranch Art Center.

Gallery Van De Water will be open from 5 - 8 p.m. with a reception for the artist.

The Maverick Potter presents: BOWLNANZA!
It's The Maverick Potter's eighth anniversary, and we are having a Bowlnanza to celebrate. Gallery owner and potter Mark Rittmann has been concentrating on making a host of bowls to fill the shelves as we celebrate eight years in business. Bowls of all shapes and sizes will be featured, completed in a variety of firing types, so this is a great opportunity to learn a little more about the firing process and find a piece of functional art to brighten your home. 

Reception is from 5 p.m - 8 p.m. at the Maverick Potter, 119 F Street, Salida.

Eye Candy will be hosting the opening of the "Love and Music Series" by Artist Kimberly Brown. 
This is an extraordinary and colorful collection of artwork!
Aperitifs and Art from 4pm-8pm

Eye Candy ~ Art &Treasure
118 North F Street

My Dogged Dreams

After years of making adult decisions regarding my artwork, I decided to take heed of my inner child who kept insisting, “Can’t we just have some fun now?”  So I turned the steering wheel of our creativity bus over to her while I tried to recover from my years of study at a prestigious New York art school.  And fun and silliness abounded.  Some very odd aliens invaded my imagination sparked by the freshness and absence of pretense I observed in the drawings of young children.

Then I got Phoebe, an adorable labradoodle puppy, and I truly felt like a child again. 

With Phoebe and her many canine friends I have embarked on a fascinating journey into a world previously unknown to me. Observing their antics both while awake and asleep sparked my fancy.  I can’t help but speculate on what they are thinking or dreaming. 

o I have created some imaginary pups’ dreams complete with accessories evocative of their personalities and of course I have provided them with things to chase, to play with, to sniff and to chew.  Some even have alien companions. w I know this to be true—It’s never too late to have a happy childhood!

Come see the amusing results in paintings prints and collages.

Sellars Project Space presents Art at the Twitchell

Sellars Project Space presents an exhibition of works by local artist Ben Strawn. A reception for the artist will be held on Saturday, May 14th from 4 - 7 p.m. at 101 North F Street (upstairs, stairs on 1st Street side of the building next to Sutty's - elevator available by entering through the alley near the door).

"My paintings are of a style that is referred to as abstract. But that is not completely accurate. They are not abstracted from some idea or form. They are not consciously and deductively planned and executed. Instead, they develop, they evolve, they are dialogues with living at a particular moment- color, forms, and meanderings of lines that take the place of words. My work is not abstract in the sense of being minimalist or without content. Each piece is a diagram and reflection of my consciousness, of me, at that moment. Imagery, style, gesture, mood, and form are informed by what I find meaningful and compelling in life-Zen philosophy and art, calligraphy, the female, the forms of the earth, the beauty of color. Over the years, I have shifted from painting with oils- the traditional Western European medium- to water-based media(acrylic) and the inclusion of paper and collage. This reflects a shift in my point of reference to one more informed by Eastern ideas and artistic traditions. A particular concern is to transform the life force into an image - a very direct and living action - rather than simply depict or record a narrative."
(image: Going Home, 48" x 43")

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