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Dies Librorum for May @ the Book Haven

Tuesday, May 3, 2016; 6:00
Featured Musician: David Tipton
Featured Authors:
          Linda Keller, Mother: Poems from Motherhood. A great gift not only for moms, but anyone who has marveled at the fleeting phases of childhood.
           Dawn Griffin, We Came Here to Play. Taking place in a futuristic community in the Escalante of southern Utah, this is a story of empowerment, connection, and triumph, as six interdimensionals separately find their way through a time-space wormhole to "play the game" hosted by the community.
          Mark Stevens, Lake of Fire, the fourth book in his Allison Coil Mystery Series. This former reporter writes a complex story of murder, mayhem and misguided patriotism in Colorado's high country.
          Laurel McHargue, Waterwight. In a post-cataclysmic world threatened by stinking ooze, a brave girl searches for her missing parents with the help of talking animals and evolving powers. When a mountain spirit challenges her to save the planet, she and a flying frog must overcome a magical, malicious castle of sand and a shapeshifter who wants her dead.
Featured Cuisine: Brazilian Shrimp Stew (Veggie Option), Basmati Rice, Mandarin Orange Salad Greens, Chocolate Mousse, Wine.
                              (Please bring your own tableware.)
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