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Call for Entries - SALIDASCOPE!

From Dustin Tidwell, co-conspirator at SALIDASCOPE:

"Please submit your work to Salidascope@gmail as soon as you can!
Pass the word. Some of the recent episodes can be seen at www.
Deadline for Episode 5 is this Wednesday August 3.
We have intention of showing your COLOR image, digital addresses that your want for your art (facebook, twitter, instagram, webpage), as well as a picture of your shiny happy awesome self. If you have a gallery, a physical display, feel free to include your physical address. If you have show between now and the end of September/mid October, feel free to include details. No worries if you wanna submit anonymous pieces as well. Please ensure we know which ones get your name and which ones don't.
(As ink as limited and the $ is shrinking, we have a limit of space, but we are not at capacity of the current funding yet).
Have an awesome day.   -DT