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February 2019 Creative Mixer - Thurs., Feb. 14th; 5:30-7:00pm Salida SteamPlant Paquette Gallery

"For the Love of Art"....

The Salida Council for the Arts (SCFTA) invites the public to attend the monthly Creative Mixer in the Salida SteamPlant Paquette Gallery on Thursday, February 14 from 5:30-7:00 pm featuring the late Gene Diodato artist retrospective and musicians Bob Campbell and Joan Lobeck.

Held every second Thursday, the Creative Mixer is a free monthly public gathering of those interested in knowing more about the local arts scene in a casual social setting. Anyone with information to share about upcoming creative and art-related events is encouraged to give a brief announcement. Attendees are welcomed to introduce themselves and may find new friends and collaborators at the “Mixer.” Free hors’ de oeuvres, a cash bar, beautiful artwork, great conversation, and music are always in abundance.  


FEATURED ARTIST:Eugene “Gene” Diodato (1935-2013) was one of the few who had the talent and skills to replicate when light has transformed nature from the predictable to the surreal. For Gene, painting nature brought happiness, love and reverence. His work has been described as having “a quality of gentleness.” The subtlety of his colors and choice of subject matter never shout for attention, but appeal rather to the perceptive insight of the viewer.

The last 25 years of Gene’s life were spent in nature, mostly painting in the Upper Arkansas Valley…not as a vocation, but rather as a path toward self-fulfillment. Even as an infant, he revelled in the moments when light transformed the world from the usual into the transcendent. Gene painting what was real, always governed by adherence to the truth that nature displays. He distinguished between looking and seeing.

“Looking,” Gene explained, “clouds the truth with assumptions, biases, and inaccurate conclusions. Seeing, on the other hand, discerns the truth of what our eyes are viewing.”

Seeing combined with a decades-long discipline of accurately mixing pigments in the moment to match the unique palette the world was revealing elevates Gene’s body of work from the average to the exceptional.

FEATURED MUSICIANS:Joan Lobeck and Bob Campbell have teamed up to be the featured musicians for February’s Creative Mixer. Joan brings her experience as a piano accompanist and vocalist. Joan was the accompanist for the High School Drama Club’s “Little Shop of Horrors” and the musical director for KHEN’s “Tenderfoot Mountain Kaper” Radio Show this past fall. Bob will be crooning and accompanying on guitar. He is a member of “You’ve Got Male” and sings at the Methodist church. The duo has sung together at Vino Salida and has prepared a repertoire of love songs for the Valentine’s Day Creative Mixer. Everyone will be invited to join in for a special Love Songs sing-along. Bring your sweetheart for a one of a kind Valentine’s musical evening! 

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The Salida Council for the Arts is a 501c3 non-profit based in Salida, Colorado. The organization was founded in 2002 to facilitate community access to arts grants and other types of government and foundation funding. The SCFTA’s mission is to enrich the cultural life of our community by nurturing and supporting excellence in the arts; to increase the community’s awareness of and appreciation for the arts; to promote and encourage arts education; and to serve as liaison between the arts, business, government, and educational institutions.