Richard Cabe Terraphilia Residency

In 2012, the Richard Cabe Terraphilia Residency was established in Richard Cabe's memory. The program, administered in cooperation with the Salida Council for the Arts, is by invitation only, but welcomes suggestions of artists, writers and scientists whose work furthers the idea of terraphilia and who would offer a talk, workshop or other gift to the community during their stay. 

The Residency mission is to afford the gift of time and space for literary and visual artists and scientists to pursue work that honors the idea of terraphilia without the distractions of ordinary work and life, and to recharge their creative vision by spending time in Salida’s welcoming community and inspiring landscape.

For more information visit their website.

Environmental artist Jill Powers spent two weeks at the Richard Cabe Terraphilia Residency in Salida, Colorado during the spring of 2013. This video briefly touches in Ms. Powers' sculptural work with kozo fiber and her recent art installation at the Firehouse Gallery in Longmont, Colorado; that gallery installation focused on the bark beetle epidemics currently plaguing Colorado and the Rocky Mountains.