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Valley Visions 2023 Was a Success!

Valley Visions was a success this year, showcasing the diverse talent and creativity of ar

tists in the local community. The event took place over four days, attracting a total of 847 attendees, and featuring 75 local artists, and top student artists from 4 local schools.

One of the highlights of the art show was the silent auction, which generated significant support for the arts. The total sales from the silent auction amounted to an impressive $3,500, with all proceeds going directly to the Salida Council For the Arts. The auction featured a wide range of products, gift cards, artworks, and more.

Moreover, Valley Visions witnessed the sale of 19 artworks, contributing to the overall success of the event. The collective sales from these art pieces reached a total of $6,513, indicating the strong appreciation and interest shown by attendees towards the exhibited artworks.

Congratulations to our top artists in each category!

2D Art

1st Place - Julie Hutslar ‘Messenger’

2nd Place - Jill Carstens ‘Joyous Chaos’

3rd Place - Fay Golson ‘Foresight’

3D Art

1st Place - John Barnholt ‘Forces of Nature’

2nd Place - Dorothy Miller ‘The Rose’

3rd Place - Christine Davis ‘Fantasy Cottage’


1st Place - Richard Smith ‘Wintercloud of Awgwalith

2nd Place - Lisa Lindsey ‘South of Salida’

3rd Place - Linda Gibas ‘Buckskin Gulch’


1st Place - Susan Bethaney ‘Pretties’

2nd Place - Timothy Kleinhenz ‘Something About Spring’

3rd Place - Harold O’Connor 'no title'

Peoples Choice

Michelle Mitchell ‘Marty’

Honorable Mention

Doug Gritzmacher

Michelle Mitchell

Judy Dersch

Tara Flanagan

Marcia Blakeman

Padgett McFeely

Conrad Nelson


1st Place - Eli Hart - no title

2nd Place - Khalk Ellis - no title

3rd Place - Laurne Veltri ‘O’Keefe Flower’

4th Place - Winona Monk - no title

5th Place - Jayden Sapien ‘Monet Lilies’

5th - 8th

1st Place - Kelia Bird ‘Donut’

2nd Place - Bryan Montellano ‘City’

3rd Place - Sam Hunt ‘Fall Leaves’

4th Place - Myah Scott ‘Britts Style’

5th Place - Andrew Short ‘Personal Message’

9th -12th

1st Place - Opal Juba ‘Opal’

2nd Place - Isabeau Kaess ‘The Verdict’

3rd Place - Norah Vollertsen ‘Sebastian’

4th Place - Ellie King ‘Old Crow’

5th Place - Remus Simpson ‘Castiel’

Valley Visions not only provided a platform for artists to showcase their work but also recognized and celebrated the achievements of individuals within the arts community. During the event, the Salida Council for the Arts presented two high school scholarship awards. Eddie Glaser, who is pursuing landscape architecture in college, and Ellie King, who is pursuing visual arts in college, were each awarded a check for $1,000 to support their educational endeavors.

Additionally, the art show honored Chris Byars with the prestigious Mel Strawn Lifetime Achievement for the Arts award. This esteemed accolade was presented to Chris Byars by Geraldine Alexander, the recipient of the same award in the previous year. The Lifetime Achievement award recognized Chris Byars' significant contributions and dedication to the arts throughout his career.

Valley Visions created an immersive and engaging experience for visitors, showcasing the talent of local artists, supporting future artistic endeavors through scholarships, and honoring individuals who have made lasting impacts in the arts community. The event successfully brought together artists, art enthusiasts, and supporters to celebrate and foster the vibrant artistic culture within the valley.

We would like to say a big thank you to our friends, artists, council members, auction donors and sponsors for making the 'vision' possible. Becoming a Friend of the Salida Council for the Arts is an excellent way to show your ongoing support for the arts and contribute to the growth of artistic endeavors within the community. By making a contribution through our web page, you can become a Friend of the organization throughout the year and on a yearly basis.

Your generous contribution will help continue to fund scholarships for aspiring young artists and provide grants to support community art projects. Whether you are an artist, an art enthusiast, or simply someone who believes in the power of art to inspire and enrich lives, becoming a Friend of the Salida Council for the Arts allows you to make a tangible and lasting impact.

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