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A Once-in-a-Decade Opportunity

The census is happening now! The 2020 Census started in March and goes until Oct. 31.

A count of our population only occurs once every 10 years.

The 2020 Census is making history in the fact that it’s the first census with the option for households to respond online, by phone or by mail.

Each completed census form will bring in approximately $2,300 per year to Colorado for vital community programs, such as:

Promotion of the Arts Partnership Agreements

Entrepreneurship and assistance for owners of small businesses through the Small Business Administration

Rural business development grants



Environmental matters

In addition to having an impact on local programs, the census results will determine the number of seats Colorado will have in the U.S. House of Representatives and will guide the redistricting of our congressional and state legislative regions.

In light of COVID-19 and its impact on our wellbeing and economy, the census is more important than ever!

Chaffee County residents who have yet to respond, please don't wait to complete your form. Go to or call


Be a part of history and help shape Chaffee County’s future!

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