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Artist Profile: Fay Golson

Apogee Studio My artistic journey started early in life when my mother delivered a set of tempera paints to my room. The process of mixing two primary colors to form a third secondary color was magical. I graduated from the School of Architecture at Auburn University with a degree in Interior Design, a field I pursued for 25 years. I designed professional and commercial spaces in conjunction with various architectural firms before becoming an independent consultant. During this time, I remained active in the art field using my design senses in 2D expression. Living in Dallas, TX for 20 years allowed me to exhibit in several galleries and exhibitions. After moving to Salida in 1995 and partnering with five other artists, I became partial owner-operator and President of Articulation Gallery, Inc., an award-winning gallery located on 1st Street and representing over 30 national artists. The gallery closed in 2002, and I now spend my time in my studio, Apogee Studio. What is the meaning of my work? I'm making art. It rarely has a set goal for interpretation, and more often than not, the piece transforms itself into a finished presentation. For example, news reports of immigration activities on every significant network held my attention. In the studio, I had just started a large canvas by laying in blocks of color. It soon became an image of a woman and several ghostly figures crossing the border. "Crossing" was not created with that original intention. However, it happened. I generally prefer for the viewer to interpret as their experiences dictate.

As a mixed media artist, a continued effort to stay informed as new media and methods of expression arise is paramount to maintain a sustained inventive technique. Being the coordinator of the Arts at the Library Series, a service for artists in the area, I contact artists, form annual schedules, take care of contract paperwork, hang the works and send out publicity for the shows. Popular shows include artworks by art classes in the Salida schools. These students are amazingly talented and present a free-spirited approach. I'm pleased to have recently delivered artwork to the Yellowstone Art Museum, Billings, MT, for display. And my work will be included in The New Vanguard: Explorations into the New Contemporary group exhibition, Santa Fe, NM, opening the end of February.

You can see Fay's work at Cultureclash Gallery at 101 N F Street in Salida and online at

Photo of Fay & Studio Dog, Hannah

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