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Call for Artists: Salida Goes Surreal





"Salida Goes Surreal”  is a month long series of artistic events in Salida celebrating Surrealism. Production committee: Jennifer Dempsey, Ken Brandon, Sue Ann Hum and Mariah Sutherland. 

The events will include visual art, theater, dance, music, performance art, food, online talk by Dr. Amy Dempsey on history of Surrealism

The Paquette Gallery, SteamPlant will house a month long art show; we'll gather in Salida SteamPlant Event Center Ballroom for  "Surrealist's Soiree" Thurs Dec 10 - includes palm reading, magic, dance, contortion, snake charmer, séance, music, food, costume contest - Public Health guidelines may limit / alter plans. Various additional venues TBD may be used for films, dance, theater, performance art 



Surrealist Art Exhibit of 2 and 3 dimensional Surrealist Art 

December 1 – 30, 2020

The Paquette Gallery @ Salida SteamPlant Event Center

NOTE: PERFORMING ARTISTS interested in performing surreal act for other events, send email to


Check out this terrific video and see how it inspires you! Click: How to MAKE Surrealist Art

Need more inspiration? Follow us on our Facebook page “SALIDA GOES SURREAL” and join us at Box of Bubbles on MONDAY nights through November. Come and Play! (Public Health Covid-19 Guidelines followed) 

Art Entry Information


The committee is accepting entries from all creatives (professional and non-professional artists - and general public) who have something surreal to ‘say’ through artistic expression.  

2 and 3-dimensional, surrealistic artwork of any medium are welcome. Artists producing 3 D work may need to help the committee appropriately display the work. 


  • By October 5 – complete and return ART EXHIBIT ENTRY FORM (attached) to express interest in participating. 

  • Producers will send confirmation email and your INFO FORM.

  • By November 9, return INFO FORM and a PHOTO of your entries with exact dimensions.

  • (photos will be used for judging if we have too many entries, and possibly for marketing) 

  • Artwork delivered to Salida SteamPlant the afternoon of November 30 or morning of December 1

  • Artwork MUST be picked up December 30 between 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.  

Artwork Specifications

  • Entry and participation are free of charge. 

  • Show is non-juried, unless the number of entries exceeds available display space.  

  • Artists may enter up to three pieces. (available wall space determines number used) 

  • Artwork may be for sale. All local sales are handled through the SteamPlant, which receives 20%. Artist receives 80%.

  • Attach INFO FORM to back of work

  • All artwork must be dry and ready to hang, no saw tooth hangers

  • Art damage or loss to be covered by artists; Producers do not insure items and are not liable. 

Surrealism is a literary, philosophical and artistic movement started in Europe in the aftermath of World War I. Disdaining rationalism and literary realism, and powerfully influenced by psychoanalysis, the Surrealists believed the rational mind repressed the power of the imagination, weighing it down with taboos. Emphasizing the power of personal imagination, Surrealists explored the workings of the mind, championed the irrational, the poetic and the revolutionary and sought to "free mankind from the shackles of conscious logic and reason which had only led to war and domination."

Surrealism includes

a) Dadaism - an int'l a mindset/movement...whose aim was to destroy systems based on logic through satire, irony, games and word play

b) Absurdism - an Appreciation of unexpected, dreams, madness and unconscious thought in an attempt to create an alternate reality

Art Exhibit Entry Form
Download DOC • 28KB

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