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Salida Arts Festival call for Local Artists

Salida Arts Festival has extended its application deadline to include local artists.

Event dates are July 16-July 17

Apply via email at: if interested. The 9th Annual Salida Arts Festival is a small high quality show held in a town recognized for its art and artists. Many have called this "The Best Art Event" in the Valley. The show location is in beautiful Riverside park adjacent to the newly created "F" St. pedestrian mall. This is the ninth year for the event. We are keeping this a small "boutique" style show with only 80 artists accepted. Categories Ceramics Fiber Jewelry Wood Glass Metal Photography-Traditional means of capture-film or digital Digital Art-original image, or manipulation of other source material was executed by artist using computer-traditiona photographs taken by digital means should apply as photography Drawing/printmaking Mixed Media Sculpture Painting Applications-Application deadline is 3/25/2022. Artists can apply with 2 applications and if you want to display 2 different mediums, you must apply and be accepted in both. No buy/sell is allowed. If management suspects the work is not made by you, we will have a conversation and you may be asked to leave, so please just save us all some time, aggratation and expense, by not applying. Weather - We are known far and wide for our fabulous weather but Colorado summers can be unpredictable, so be prepared for rain and wind gusts in the afternoons. Dogs - We love Dogs but the City does not allow Dogs in the Park. So No Dogs we are sorry to say. Security - We will have security overnight to oversee the show and prevent vandalism, however the show directors, staff and security are not responsible for theft or damage or problems with your booth or artworks. Weights/Staking - You may not drive your vehicle to your booth. There is no staking of booths into ground as there is an underground sprinkler system. Artist must be in booth, no "reps" are allowed. All work must be done by the artist. The artist must personally be present for the duration of the show. We will verify identity at the time of set–up, (bring a picture I.D.), you may not be represented by someone else. We must provide a list of artists and their tax numbers to the city of Salida prior to the show. You will collect and remit sales tax to the State of Colorado. This requires a multiple event tax license available from the Colorado Department of Revenue. Salida requires an individual vendor permit which is included in your booth fee this year, no seperate check required. I will remit this fee for you. Details on how to get the license are provided with jury acceptance. (We know what a pain it is to deal with multiple government agencies and are trying to help you, the working artist.) All work must be the product of your personal inspiration, and be made by you, this means your hands, and at most 2-3 other people. If you took the photograph or drew or painted the image, you may have clearly labeled prints. We do not permit buy/sell or work from commercial molds, assembly from entirely store bought items, mass produced work, food items, candles, lotions, t-shirts, or any flea market type items. If there is a question about the artist being the maker, we would ask that you supply a picture of you in your studio making the item that was in one of your jury slides. Also be prepared to show invoices for raw materials you have purchased for use in your work. If you bring buy/sell, don’t bother coming, you will be asked to leave. If you designed it and have some one else make it for you, either in this country or off shore, don’t bother coming, you will be asked to leave as well. Photography: Artists agree to allow The Salida Art Festival to photograph their displays and artwork before and during the two-day event for promotional purposes. Booths - Artists must provide their own 10’ x10’ booths and displays. Some booths may require shims since we are in a City Park. Booths must be white in color. 10 x 10 booth in line - $375 (this includes the $20.00 mandatory city lic. fee) no seperate check required. I'm collecting this and will handle payment to city for you. Electricity is $50.00 Corner booth - add $75 Options are not guaranteed and will be assigned by booth fee payment date after jury selection. Please make your choice for location in your application. If your options are available, they are charged after your acceptance. Weights - All Booths must have Weights! We recommend at least 40lbs per leg on your booth. Colorado winds and gusts are unpredictable and can ruin a booth and the art work inside in moments. Easy Check in & Set Up- is at the show management tent on corner of "F st and Sackett. You must check in prior to setup. Setup begins at 9:00 AM on Friday, Friday July 15th. Someone will be on site until 7pm to help you find your location. All of the booths will require a short dolly for setup. You may not drive into the park. You need to be setup and open by 10am Saturday. Booths in a line have at least 2’ in back storage. We require that your display fit in the allotted space. Double booths are available, email for details.

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