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Artist Profile: Reed Govert

Reed Govert was born in Denver, Colorado in 1986.  He studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design, and later at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.  

Reed Govert moved to Salida in 2014 and started Lotic Gallery and Salon with his sister Rachel. Govert's work is marked by a use of thick, physically present oils on a very large scale.  His paintings range from the traditional exploration of the figure in space to conceptualized works formed through compound imagery, always meditating on themes of the human psyche and basic emotion. The work displayed at Lotic are part of a series of 9 large-scale paintings at his home studio in Salida. He also creates detailed paintings of fish found in the Arkansas River. You can see some of Reed's work at Lotic Gallery on 1st Street or visit his website at

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